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How Does the Law of Attraction from The Secret Really Work?

2. July 2011


How do we attract abundance, wealth, money.
Hello this is Michele Blood and an exciting topic today, and the world is talking about it, the law of attraction, the law of attraction. You see it and read it everywhere. But you know what, the law of attraction has been around since man first existed and long [...]

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Molecular Enlightenment – Don’t Need to Fear

12. March 2011


Molecular Enlightenment – Don’t Need to Fear taken from Michele’s Event Click Here for Details

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Richard Branson & Empowerments

7. March 2011


*Audio has some static Richard Branson & Empowerments from Saturday’s Event Click Here for Details

(audio has a little static)
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Replay Teleconference – Your Divine Self – The Practice of Meditation

18. December 2010

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Guruji – Trivedi Foundation

12. September 2010


Guruji – Trivedi Foundation

*Free Webinar October 4 click here

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Visualization & Meditation

25. July 2010


Natalie Ledwell of Mind Movies, interviews Michele about Visualization and Meditation. She speaks about the power of visualization combined with meditation.  This combination can put you in a field outside of human consciousness, beyond the 3rd dimension.  It gets you to connect to your higher self.

*Stay tuned, Mind Movies will be giving away free videosLearn [...]

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The Practice of Meditation

22. June 2010


The practice of meditation assists with many things including

Releasing stress
Improves health
Clarity of mind and focus
Keeps you calm
Raises your consciousness
Gives clear awareness
Reduces High blood pressure
Eastern philosophies have recognized the health benefits of meditation for thousands of years. Meditation is now widely practiced in the West and is practiced by people of all religions and is now used [...]

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How to Manifest Through Love

3. June 2010


How does love create? Everyone talks about the Law of Attraction and manifesting through intent, thoughts and ideas. That is how we manifest that is how we create, everything comes from an idea. When we infuse that idea with love, with true passion, then that love manifests in many beautiful ways in [...]

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Affirmation Power

30. May 2010


I’m here to speak to you about affirmation power. People don’t understand
how powerful it is to intend and to affirm. An affirmation is a positive statement you say over and over again so that it enters into the treasury of your subconscious mind. It must be stated in the now and in [...]

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How Choosing a Romantic Partner Can Bring You Success

20. May 2010


How Choosing a Romantic Partner Can Bring You Success
Today we are going to speak about looking at the energy of someone before
we make a decision to go into a romantic relationship with them.
As you know everyhint is made of energy, thought is energy. Everybody
has around them an aura of thought energy. Now when we are [...]

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