Replay Teleconference – Your Divine Self – The Practice of Meditation

Sat, Dec 18, 2010

Law of Attraction

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One Response to “Replay Teleconference – Your Divine Self – The Practice of Meditation”

  1. Nick Says:

    Michele I decided to listen to your call today and I am glad I did as I have been open lately to crystals and mediation. I have been having some vivid dreams!
    I have some questions.
    I thought all we need is INSIDE of us. Why are we getting light from outside of us Michelle? Why does the Divine Power run THROUGH us? Are we not all one with Being? I am very cautious about outside power/beings affecting me. Please explain. :)
    I love what you say about people living slowly in distraction.
    I love your energy/attitude/persona!!! so bright and alive. Confronting but beautiful.
    I just feel compelled to become my very best in this life. I’ve always been this way but overcoming HIV has been my focus and wading through alternative therapies which has been working but I am tired. You mentioned someone in your call who works on helping people overcome HIV. Are you able to share this info?
    Many Many thanks Michele. I enjoyed this call and feel inspired :)
    Nick Hood
    NSW Australia

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