The Practice of Meditation

Tue, Jun 22, 2010

Consciousness, Law of Attraction

The practice of meditation assists with many things including

  • Releasing stress
  • Improves health
  • Clarity of mind and focus
  • Keeps you calm
  • Raises your consciousness
  • Gives clear awareness
  • Reduces High blood pressure
  • Eastern philosophies have recognized the health benefits of meditation for thousands of years.┬áMeditation is now widely practiced in the West and is practiced by people of all religions and is now used by many business people who wish to be more focused.

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8 Responses to “The Practice of Meditation”

  1. ismat Says:

    dear michele,,,

    love you ,,,,,michel i want you to pray for me ,
    my name is ismat syeda,,,i want to meet mr bob and michele…blood(wish no 1).
    (wish no 2.)michel i want to be very very sucessful ,very happy,loved by every body,famous like you people,working for the society…same like you name should be husband to be a famous animator,my son to be a nobleist…good relation with my mother brother and sisters………….
    please michele wile doing meditation …take my name …and imagine all my wishes has come true…..
    from tomm morning i will start doing meditation…
    lots of lots of love and kisses to you

    from ismar ………….your biggest fan

    • Michele Blood Says:

      Dearest Ismat,

      Remember to stay in the now and with DEEP LOVE and DEEP Gratitude just know that whatever purpose God who is within you that that purpose FOR GOD is being fulfilled here and now. All you can do for your loved ones is know this same truth for them.

      I wish you an increase of all happiness, abundance and peace in your mind, heart and life.

      Have you listened to my audio version of The Science Of getting Rich by Wallace d. Wattles that is an AWESOME amazing piece of power in Gods realm of knowing , as even if we do not think so that we are worthy as God lives in us. BUT we MUST connect with God. Meditation is the most powerful way I know to connect with God.

      I am with you

      Love and Peace

  2. apurva Says:

    this is so awesome michele..
    thank you so much ….

  3. sidhu Says:

    hi michele

    u made my day ….

    now i really feel the true love

    thanku so much

    love u

  4. Ernst Hlow Says:

    Hi Michelle..

    I’ve been listening and reading plenty of your materials and you are an inspiration.. your magnet to money musivation is inspirational as well.. what really works out for me is your voice, it is just so full of positive energy and dynamism.. Every time I watch a video of yours, your voice resonates in my soul and my optimism gets a “free refill”.. What first draw me to the LOA was watching “The Secret” it was the ignite to my soul searching for a better positive attitude.. and then I started reading a lot and going further into the subject a year ago.. I can say I’m becoming more and more a satisfied and happy person.. Thank you so much for your inspiration.. you are a blessing.. bringing so much light for a lot of us who passed through a not so pleasant phase of their lives..

    All the best, Ernst..

  5. Ana Says:

    Hi Michelle:

    Thank you so much to send me this lovely video for meditation I will put in practice everyday, I know this practice to help me a lot in my life, i repeat Thank you so much Michele.

    God bless you all your life.

    Love and blessings


  6. meylin Sequeira Says:

    GRACIAS GRACIAS; la meditacion es muy importante in my life:

    costa rica, central america

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