Affirmation Power

Sun, May 30, 2010

Law of Attraction

I’m here to speak to you about affirmation power. People don’t understand
how powerful it is to intend and to affirm. An affirmation is a positive statement you say over and over again so that it enters into the treasury of your subconscious mind. It must be stated in the now and in order for it to enter into your subconscious mind, it must be emotionalized.

  • Magnet to Money – Affirmation Song(by Bob Proctor & Michele Blood)

  • Brian Tracy(Testimonial)

Affirmation Power

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22 Responses to “Affirmation Power”

  1. Oliver Tausend Says:

    Hi Michele,
    outstanding video ! I have never done affirmations so far with music, that’s really a great idea, thanks for sharing.
    Take care

  2. Kevin Tyler Smith Says:


    Great stuff and powerful concept.

    I love your connection of affirmations and music. It is so true, if you have a song in your head, you CAN’T get it out. It stays there and your goal or desired end result is much more likely to come to fruition via the power of your subconscious mind.

    I was introduced to affirmations many years ago by my father. His place of employment was introducing affirmations as a tool to increase productivity.

    I can only assume that it worked but I can honestly say, the affirmations were not set to music. I think if they were, productivity would have increased exponentially.

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge Michele. I love your energy.

    Stay growing,

    Kevin Tyler Smith
    Promethean Life

  3. Sand Says:

    Hi Michele

    I, myself did something that is very similar to you. Instead of singing your own song and having your own tune, afterall, we are not all musicians. I bought a small program that mixes music on my PC. I then recorded my own voice, converted 3 ways. One lot of affirmations plays to my right ear, one to my left and the other is stereo. I then got some of my most favourite tunes that bring me joy or some sort of emotion EG “Dave A. Stewart, Lily Was Here”. That makes me think about great times. I used these in background music and then i also added an alpha rythym to get the chemicals flowing. All is very cheap and not as good as studio recordings but nethertheless, it is still my own voice telling me i have this and am that.

    When i first recorded my own voice, it sounded fairly plain and simple. After mixing to each ear it sounded better. Then once i recorded the background music and alpha, i easily goto to dream state, hearing my own affirmations. Not only that if i get tired of my own voice, i concentrate onto the background music and sing, obviously still hearing myself.

    To listen just before sleep, i purchased a set of wireless headphones. I find i am not fully asleep because of the alpha rythyms keeping me in that state and eventually awaken fully to remove the headphones. The reason i use wireless (not perfect sound) is because, i can walk anywhere with them also and i won’t strangle myself if i fall asleep.


  4. Dorthe Says:

    Dear Michele
    Hear yours songs every morning and my kids also sing along, even they do not understand english, they can just fell it is great, like me :)

    thank you, I love you
    All the way from Denmark
    From Dorthe

  5. Dr,riyadalasmi Says:

    thank you for great ideaK,so we need to the those in arabic universities

  6. Allison Says:

    Great ideda! I appreciate the extra help in activating my affirmations. I am struggling a bit, since I don’t have a lot of outer evidence to support my affirmations for more love, wealth and self acceptance. The idea of adding music is genius. Magnet to Money is also quite catchy! THX!

    By the way, my website ( has a Good News Blog. Please contribute, I welcome all comments. This is another way that I am putting the Law of Attraction to work.

    I’m in the zone of the Power of Positive Thinking. Thanks again!

  7. Alison Says:

    Thanks Michele,

    I just got up and I know I’ll have that song in my head all day – which is great!

  8. NOBLE Doreen Says:

    Thank you Bob PRACTOR, and Michèle
    it’s 4 .14 am. usually anyone feels exhausted at this early hour of the day…but your video is really good!
    If all women could resemble you…we will usher in the new era where all creation being will whole universe will be filled with laughing…joy…respect from one another…
    I encourage you to sell throughout the world such knowledge…
    there won’t be violence or disputes…or saddness anymore…
    You’re indeed a beautiful soul!
    Tomorrow i’ll practice …it…
    I love music…
    Doreen NOBLE

  9. Joy Lynn Rosser Says:

    I have become a fan of Mind Movies, but was frustrated that I couldn’t download them to carry them with me even when I didn’t have web access.

    Thank you for offering a way to download the wonderful music so I can have it with me always.

  10. Iman Says:

    Great Michele thank you very much you let me start my day with such wondwerful video

  11. Olga Says:

    Oh, Michele!
    this is delightful! you are absolutely amazing! thank you so very much!!!! God bless you!=-)

  12. Caroline Says:

    Hi Michelle

    I have been looking for så long after something that I can use in order for my subconsious mind to really realize and understand that I would have a better life without alcohol. I have the consious understanding that I would, but my subconsious has been operating against me. I have already written a small text using your melody Magnet to money, it was really good.

    I am now sober and happy
    I really love myself
    I love my life as sober
    I really love myself

    I will put it up on post-it notes everywhere. at work I will leave out the word sober and just leave dots there, but I will remember the text of course. I also have a note in my pocket.

    You really are a person of true light.

  13. Navneeth Says:

    I felt very happy. this concept is good.thank you

  14. Avtar Says:

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……….eat. Now I feel nothing is impossible. GOD bless Michele. Thank u God I received this email.

  15. Glynnis C;ifton Says:

    After today I am sure that everything is possible. Money, love, health and hapiness. God bless you.

  16. mario Says:


    Music&Affirmation Power is making my day endless successfull!



  17. Jasmina Says:

    I appreciate so much being connected to your wisdom. Thank you for all the gifts you are putting in disposal. It means a lot to know there is someone to remind me that I can be what I am and become what I wish for.God bless you and all wonderful people. God bless our planet. Thank you. Big regard to you and Bob from Serbia.

  18. SOUJANYA Says:

    ohhh LADY…. i jus loved your song…

  19. Ramesh Chander Says:

    Thanks for sharing the videos with the world. I am Ramesh Chander from India and a great believer in the Secrete Teachings.

  20. ismat Says:

    hi michele………..

    thank you for sending me mail everyday………….
    michele i love you …….
    i wish , you reach at the peak of sucess,,,,,,
    may god bless,,,,,,,,,,you,,,,
    most renuined people when they have money they do charrety work,,,,,,
    i belive what you are doing more then that ,,,,,,,,,,you are teaching human how to leave life……thats grat………..god bless you.

    from ismat

  21. Ana Says:

    Hi Michele:

    Thank you very much you start my day with such wonderful video. You are amazing.

    GOD bless you all your life Michele, thank you very much.


  22. meylin sequeira Says:

    I really like this song. This song makes me feel good. I like the rythm and the words.

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